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Our three branches in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport are all fully-equipped with key cutting and key coding facilities on site. We also stock a large range of specialised stock to suit residential and commercial Locksmithing. When quality and specialised advice matters, trust Jacksons Security.

What is a master keyed system?
A master keyed system comprises a number of cylinders/locks that allow different groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or individually defined areas of a building or buildings.

What are the benefits of a master keyed system?
There are many benefits of a master keyed system, but the overriding one is that access can be controlled across a building allowing appropriate people access to defined parts of the building.

Secondary advantages mean that individuals can have access using only a minimum number of keys.

Are there any disadvantages to a master keyed system?
With most security measures the objective is the right balance between convenience and security. A master keyed system can be both convenient and secure. However, it should be kept in mind that if a master key is lost or stolen the security of any of the locks that key activated is compromised. It is sometimes argued that when a lock accepts a large number of different keys it is conceivable that it could be more vulnerable to picking; however the number of break-ins where a cylinder is picked is extremely small. Current master key lock designs make lock picking almost impossible.

How flexible is a master keyed system?
A master keyed system is a dynamic entity. As your business/organisation changes a good and well planned master keyed system should be able to adapt to changing requirements.

Can a master keyed system be installed in phases?
Yes, this is very often the case, particularly when putting master keyed systems into existing buildings.

Ideally, the system should be planned and agreed in its entirety, possibly even allowing for future expansion and changes, and the actual cylinders can be called for over a period of time to suit budget availability.

This offers the consumer the safety of knowing that in order to create duplicates to the keys, the signature of the original customer is required. Any alterations or duplications to the keying system must be done by the original locksmith, unless the consumer specifies otherwise.

Jacksons can tailor a master keyed system on restricted key profiles to maximise security over your key system. This restricts the ability for keys to be copied without your approval. Please talk to one of our locksmiths about the benefit of this added level of security to your key system.

These represent our premium restricted lock profiles in alphabetical order. These are all fantastic locking solutions for the security conscious buyer. Other restricted lock profiles are available. Please talk to our qualified locksmiths for further information on any of our restricted profiles.

We can supply and install safes in either domestic or commercial situations. Safes can give both theft & fire protection. They come in a variety of sizes to suit many applications.

We also repair safes that have been either tampered with or have malfunctioned in some way. Our specialised staff can also open safes should your keys/combination be lost or stolen.

At Jacksons Security, we can help you with all of your automotive lock and key needs. Whether it’s unlocking your car after hours, removing a broken key from your door lock, or producing new keys for the latest model cars.

All of our shops have the newest key cutting and transponder duplicating machines. We can copy most transponder keys for less than the dealer, and can duplicate most models of Holden Commodore keys and button remote heads. Come in to any of our locations and we will perform a free test on your key to see if we can make copies for you.


The team at Jacksons both advise and install all locking and security solutions. We can cater to simple locking requirements, all the way to monitored, electronic and fire-rated solutions.

We repair and install locks for cabinets, safes, windows, vaults, shutter doors, gates, and more. We also repair locks on your vehicles. Security minded businesses gain even more peace of mind with our master keying service.

We supply the highest quality locks from all the trusted security brands and manufacturers. We supply and recommend Lockwood, Abloy & Bi-lock products, renowned for their strength, security and reliability. If you need locksmithing services, why not contact us today.