Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or video surveillance systems are one of the most powerful deterrents against break-in and theft and protects the health and safety of your staff, clients or family and friends.

CCTV and video monitoring is now firmly in the digital age. Access your CCTV feeds via remote access, download footage from digital video recorders to your PC or hook your CCTV up to your computer network to monitor multiple locations at the same time. Jacksons’ range of CCTV solutions includes high-resolution cameras, “night vision” cameras with Infrared (IR) capability and three-axis designs for superior viewing.

Jacksons can consult with you to tailor a CCTV that suits your premises and business. We can fit and install CCTV components both inside and outside your residence or business.

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CCTV surveillance is one of the most valuable security components in your home or business

  • CCTV allows you to identify offenders in your business and protect the health and safety of your staff

  • security cameras allow you to monitor all areas of your premises and digital video recording allows you to quickly search recordings

  • We recommend you customise your camera system as not every camera is designed for every location

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